Pat Anderson has produced a well-researched chronological account of the world’s first peaceful use of nuclear energy. This picture-filled Nautilus Trilogy allows the reader to easily gain knowledge of the USS Nautilus from the laying of the keel to decommissioning. Included also is a less well-known part of Nautilus’ history, the political battle that eventually brought our Grand Lady home to Groton, Connecticut. Thankfully, she rests proudly at the pier of the Submarine Force Library and Museum – a national landmark everyone is welcome to experience. 

Gary S. Schmid
USS Nautilus 1968-1971
President, Nautilus Alumni Association 2016-2018
Past Member, Connecticut Governor’s Nautilus Committee

Nautilus Trilogy provides a comprehensive and meticulously researched history of the world’s first nuclear submarine plus information never before available pertinent to Nautilus’ historic under-ice explorations. This is a unique book and the material presented is timeless and appropriate for all ages.

Admiral Steven A. White, USN (Retired)
Former Chief of Navy Material
USS Nautilus 1957-1960

Pat Anderson’s book Nautilus Trilogy takes the reader on a wonderful walk through the history surrounding the birth of nuclear power and construction of USS Nautilus (SSN-571), the world’s first atomic submarine. Pat’s attention to detail and carefully researched newspaper articles, press releases, and other documents of the day give the reader a sense of being front and center for each major event and underscores the sacrifice and dedication of the nuclear pioneers on whose shoulders we stand today.

Tommy Robinson
USS Nautilus 1963-1967
Author, Steely Eyed Killers of the Deep,
A Collection of [Nautilus] Sea Stories, Memories, Musings, and More (2013)